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Berkowits Hair Thickening Fibers (25g)

Berkowits Hair Thickening Fibers (25g)

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About this item

  • ⍟ A fast and seamless solution that achieves a natural appearance - Effortlessly conceal hair loss with THICK FIBER hair fibers, utilizing high-quality keratin fibers in shades that seamlessly blend with your natural hair color. Browse our selection of Black and Dark Brown shades to discover the ideal match for your hair."
  • ⍟ Endures for a long time - Hair Thickening Fiber creates a natural look with its thick and durable fibers that resist wind, rain, and moisture. It's sweat-resistant and lasts until you wash your hair. Suitable for men and women experiencing thinning hair.
  • ⍟ Simple to apply - Shake the HAIR THICKENING FIBER bottle, and apply on dry hair in salt and pepper direction. Pat gently to distribute evenly. For best results, use ​HAIR HOLDING SPRAY as a finishing touch.
  • ​⍟ BEST QUALITY TO RELY ON - HAIR THICKENING FIBER is a hair-thickening product made exclusively from 100% natural keratin protein fibers, the same compound that binds hair strands. It is a completely natural hair fiber, free of harmful chemicals. The pure formula makes HAIR THICKENING FIBER anti-itch and resistant to sweat and weather. For best results, use any hair styling spray.
  • ⍟ A BRAND YOU CAN RELY - A brand with a successful history of 30 years BERKOWITS is a name you can rely on in terms of product quality. Available in more than 22 prime locations countrywide. We provide over 50 educational videos to show how our natural hair-thickening fiber looks on both Men and women. Trust us to stand behind our product and support you every step of the way.
  • ​Note: ​The ​product is ​for thinning areas, not bald spots. Suitable for both men and women.

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  • Benefits

    Odour Free
    Instant Coverage
    Washes Out Easily
    Made From Keratin
    Natural Appearance
    Thickens Hair Fibers
    Compatible With Hair Treatments

  • How To Use

    Apply to dry hairs. Shake well over thinning areas. Gently pat the fibers into the hair. Additionally, use hair spray to lock fibers in place.

  • Suitable For


    All Hair Types

    Thicker Hair

    Voluminous Hairs

    Hair Loss Coverage

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Growth Driver with Plant Fiber


Completely natural plant resinous fibers taken from Pine Tree that makes your hair look fuller and thicker instantly. The fibers attatch themselves with their natural adhesive properties that fix to individual hair strands giving them a naturally thicker and healthier look.


Locked In with Keratin


Naturally sourced keratin derivative from Corns, that causes no irritation on the scalp and further blocks open pores to reduce sebum production. Adding a natural shine and protein binding to the hair, giving them a natural jazz for the day.


Levitate with Bicarbonate


Our product infused with the goodness Ammonium Bicarbonate makes your hair light and soft. Giving it a natural bounce and volume. Now confidently run your fingers through that hair and gift yourself a new style every day.


Designed Synonymic-ally

Our product is carefully designed to produce fibers of equal length that gives you a smooth fashioned detailing and cleaner, natural look. The fibers stick to the hairs in a uniform fashion, not making it look dry or artificial.


Absorption at its best


The use of natural sources in our product, makes the fibers act as an antistatic agent, that adsorbs to the surface of the scalp in a similar fashion to your natural hair structure. The antistatic agent helps with equal distribution of the fibers, giving the hairs the look they deserve.