About Us

Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinic has over 27 years of experience of offering result oriented skin and hair treatments. It was the first clinic in India to introduce Permanent Hair Removal, the first to launch Hair Replacement in India and the first in NCR to launch Robotic Hair Transplant.

A natural extension of this innovative streak is its foray into result-oriented hair and skin care products.

Our products are formulated by dermatologists and focus on safe and effective hair and skin care treatment regimens. The product range has been divided into 5 categories 

- Grow: Hair Loss Solutions

- Nourish: Solutions for Dry and Damaged Hair

- Renew: Anti Ageing Solutions

- Radiate: Skin brightening Solutions 

- Protect: For Routine Skin Care

- Clear: Anti Dandruff and Anti-Acne Range 

Moreover, our Anytime Hydration cream propagates the use of reusable aluminium cans for cosmetics. The proceeds from which are shared with NGOs that work on reducing ocean plastic waste.