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Nowadays, the world is growing with technological advancements & expanding across the globe for employment opportunities & business growth. However, apart from development, it also adds more challenges for humans, such as harmful chemicals, pollutants, stress, anxiety, and work pressure. In traditional times, women & men faced hair problems during the late 50s & 60s. Current scenarios break this pattern as young men & women witness hair shedding & losses in their early 20s & 30s. 

Berkowits - One of the trusted skin & hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon! We are developing the best solutions to help adults with hairline problems like baldness with effective hair plant services. Our expert team emphasizes research-based treatment, ensuring guaranteed results for satisfied patients. 

Trusted Hair Transplant at Berkowits

Berkowits Skin & Hair Clinic has 27 years of experience with the services of the best hair treatments. A hair transplant is a surgery that includes extracting from the grown area for hair restoration to recover hair loss or baldness conditions. At Berkowits, we worked with a team of dermatologists & plastic surgeons to deliver specialized services for hair transplant in Gurgaon

Berkowits Maxgrow FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)!

The hair care industry comes with the best traditional hair transplant treatment plans. At Berkowits, we are presenting the advanced formulated treatment - Maxgrow FUE! Our team formulated a solution to eliminate the loopholes of traditional treatment plans. It provides effective results with optimal results under short waiting times. 

In order to cater to individual patients’ needs & requirements, Berkowits introduced its own FUE procedure using advanced technology & guaranteed results to share successful surgery. 


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What Else We Offer?

Traditional Follicular Unit Extraction: We are offering the common hair transplant procedure where hair follicles are extracted from the donor area & restored to the affected scalp part. Under the treatment, extraction will be done using a small tool & operated under experts with caution. 

Robotic Hair Transplant: Berkowits offers the breakthrough technology hair transplant in Gurgaon utilizing robotic arms. It acts as the best replacement for traditional surgery to add effective results. The robotic hair transplant technology is based in France, fetching more unmatchable results. Consult us for a robotic hair transplant in Gurgaon.

(Direct Hair Transplant) DHT Techniques: At Berkowits, we make available the trustable female hair transplant in Gurgaon - Direct Hair Transplant. It is a technique similar to other hair transplant treatments. However, a hollow pen comes in use instead of other tools during the hair implantation process. It brings advantages for women as there is no requirement to shave heads & rather finish the surgical procedure within short durations. 

Berkowits: Hair Fall Treatment in Gurgaon

Hair falling becomes a major challenging problem for adults with exposure to stress & unhealthy dietary routines. At Berkowits, talk to our experts to resolve hair fall treatment in Gurgaon with trustable treatment plans & hair care products. Visit the Berkowits website to place an order for anti hair fall shampoo, growth serums, and keratin spray to help people with hair loss problems. 

We provide you with expert-formulated treatments that ensure effective results: 

  • Lower Level Laser Therapy - It is one of the best nonsurgical & scientific technology-based treatments to deal with scalp problems, hair thinning, and hair loss. 
  • PRP Hair Loss Therapy: It is a well-known, non-invasive treatment that uses a Platelet Rich Plasma mixture on the scalp to make hair follicles healthier. 
  • Bio PRP Treatment: The treatment utilizes the growth factors taken from cells to stimulate hair quality.   
  • Autologous Micro Graft Treatment: It is a hair restoration procedure where the repair of tissues & hair follicle cells implants on the hair loss areas to stimulate the affected area. 
  • Hair Mesotherapy: It is also a nonsurgical cosmetic hair procedure that includes injecting minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other essential nutrients into the scalp for growth and stimulation. 
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Book Your Consultation With Berkowits!

Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic is one of the leading brands for hair transplant in Gurgaon. We are available in other locations, such as Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore & Raipur. Take a consultation call with our haircare experts to learn more about hair transplantation in detail. Connect with us at +91 9999 6666 99 or visit our website to book an appointment.


How much experience does Berkowits have in Hair transplant services in India?

Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic has over 27 years of experience in providing specialized treatments & cosmetic services for patients. 

How do you contact the Berkowits expert for bookings & appointments?

If you want to plan your hair transplant under Berkowits clinic, visit our website to book an online appointment or call us at +91 9999 6666 99.

Is hair transplant safe in India?

Yes, Berkowits ensures all safety & preventive measures for hair transplants. We also came up with a robotic hair transplant in Gurgaon.