Berkowits: A Trusted Clinic for Hair Transplant in Delhi

Losing precious hair can be the worst nightmare to experience! We live our lives around changing weather conditions, stress, and pollutants that leave our hair damaged & dried. Ignoring excessive hair loss might result in the final solution of a hair transplant. Berkowits, a well-known clinic for hair transplants in Delhi, offers safe surgeries to help patients bring back the lost hair on their heads. 

Don’t let losing hair become a roadblock in your success path. Berkowits will be your trusted partner, offering consultancy & effective treatment plans. We are the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Our team proudly provides hassle-free personalized services.

What Do We Offer?

At Berkowits, our team offers top techniques that come under the spectrum of hair transplants. Using advanced technology & experienced teams will make patients more comfortable during the sessions. In general terms, a hair transplant starts with taking out follicles from the growing area & implanting it into bald portions. However, different techniques follow a definite procedure to recover the patient’s baldness concerns. 

Specialized Berkowits Solution: Maxgrow FUE

Explore this advanced form of traditional FUE at Berkowits Clinic that influences style & fashion. The famous Maxgrow FUE results from researchers at our Clinic who want to achieve optimal results in less time. We worked on deep research to develop our own FUE procedure that handles individual patient needs & requirements.

Other Treatment Plans:

Follicular Unit Extractions or Traditional FUE

Visit Berkowits to get the advanced treatment of traditional FUE. The procedure involves the removal of hair follicles from the grown area to the affected one. Using the 

Small punch tool with caution, experts extract the follicles & place them in definite tiny incisions on the scalp. Berkowits shares the experience of FUE services with the best protocols during the process. 

DHT or Direct Hair Transplant Techniques 

It is one of the most popular female hair transplants in Delhi at Berkowits. The technique is similar to FUE in terms of hair follicle extraction. However, the difference arises with the implantation procedure using a hollow pen. It counts as the short surgical duration that eliminates the option of head shaving. At Berkowits, most women prefer the DHT hair transplant. 

Robotic Hair Transplant 

Berkowits Clinic introduced the technology-based solutions - robotic hair transplant in Delhi. In the search for an advanced alternative to traditional FUE, Berkowits came up with a tech-driven hair transplant procedure to eliminate human errors & limitations.


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Reasons to Opt for Hair Transplant

People take a step back when they hear of hair transplants. However, consulting with the right clinic might support early hair growth. Berkowits outlines the trusted hair transplant services under the supervision of experts to leave no scope for dissatisfaction. 

Let’s look at the positive side of hair transplant in India

  • Although a hair transplant is an artificial procedure, the final outcome derives results like a natural one. Expert surgeons use advanced technology to perform the procedure & create hairlines to share the natural fine look. 
  • One of the long-lasting effects of recovery is hair loss & baldness problems. Hair transplantation aims to work on DHT-resistant hair follicles.
  • It is a minimally invasive surgery that provides precise outcomes in less time. It significantly reduces the side effects & risks during the operations. 
  • Hair transplants are affordable & fit into the budget in India compared to international locations. 
  • The procedure is known as the best confidence booster procedure for hair loss & baldness. It upheld the self-esteem & confidence of patients with flaunting their newly grown hair. Also, it is barely visible through normal eyes as it blends with the natural hair. 

Excellent Services at the Berkowits Clinic!

Berkowits has over 27 years of experience in offering trustable hair & skin treatments. We are proudly known as the first hair transplant clinic in Delhi to introduce robotic treatment & hair replacement services. Our team works to ease patients by reviewing their conditions before starting the procedures. Besides hair transplants, Berkowits offers hair fall treatment in Delhi, and hair loss & replacement services. Consult with us for any discomfort, and we are ready to take your doubts with a hair transplant. Get in touch with our expert team, and we will suggest the best techniques that help to regrow the lost hair. 

Don’t hesitate to talk with our experts to book personalized hair transplant sessions. We ensure world-class quality standards to deliver safe, hygienic & and long-lasting results. Berkowits is a well-known clinic for hair transplant in Delhi & skin conditions! Contact us at +91 9999 6666 99.

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Is Hair Transplant Safe in India?

Yes, a hair transplant is a medical treatment designed with specialized care. In India, hair implants have the best success rate of almost 98%.

How do Berkowits assist us with hair transplants?

Berkowits helps patients with planning their hair transplant sessions. It starts with a discussion on which technique works best as per the hair conditions.

How expensive are hair transplant services in India?

Hair transplants are not too expensive in India in comparison to other countries. It starts with the range of 1,00,000/- and expands as per the extended services under the treatment plans.

How to contact Berkowits for a hair transplant in Delhi?

You can visit the website tobook an appointment & also call us at +91 9999 6666 99!