Autologous Micro Graph Treatment

The autologous micro graph to treat hair loss?
Isn't that Science Fiction? No More!

What Is It ?

In Autologous Micro Graft treatment unspecialized cells extracted from your own body that maintain and repair tissues. They have the potential to develop into many different types of cells. Hair Follicle cells are harvested into the area with hair loss. The result is stimulation of growth in thinning areas as it activates the dormant cells. These provides a strong defense to thinning hair from the harmful effect of DHT (male and female pattern hair loss) and is also capable of saving and regrow thinning hairs.

The Process

Autologous therapy is a single session treatment that lasts approximately 30 minutes. The process requires to be administered under local anesthesia and you can continue with your daily life immediately after the treatment.

The Results

Studies have shown that in 4-6 weeks after the treatment, the hair loss is stopped and the existing hair follicles, under the influence of the regenerative action of cells, begin to generate new hair.

  • One Time Treatment

    Required to be done only once a year unlike multiple sessions required for other treatments.

  • Safe

    Safer than other similar hair loss procedures as cells from your own body are used.

  • No Downtime

    You can go back to your normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.