What is Hair Bonding and Hair Weaving- Are They Good Option to Recover Baldness?

What is Hair Bonding and Hair Weaving- Are They Good Option to Recover Baldness?

Hair loss is a common problem these days and people irrespective of their age and gender are dealing with it. If you are among these people, you can go for safe non-surgical methods like hair bonding and weaving.

Various celebrities are swearing by these hair extension techniques which integrate nonsurgical hair replacement or artificial hair systems for changing the hairstyle. They not only conceal your hair fall issues but also make your hair look better by adding style, volume, and length to your real tresses.

What is hair weaving?

For hair weaving, the experts use hair made out of human hair for adding, braiding, and weaving them to your natural hair. Also called hair integrating, the procedure weaves strands to the roots of natural hair to make your hair grow naturally and making your hairdo look stunning. This technique mixes natural hair with a custom-made hair system for creating an illusion of undetectable and thick hair. Hair professionals put in their efforts and time for performing this meticulous method. 

Hair weaving prepares the tracks with cornrows and braids are woven into these following the hair direction. The tracks work as the primary foundation of the way your hair would look. Wafts made from human hair are then sewn with the help of a needle into those braids. The thread is of the colour that resembles your natural hair. Additional hair can be woven to any region of your scalp that has less hair. 

What is hair bonding?

Hair bonding is one of those medical treatments which can help in getting back your hair to its natural form. This non-surgical hair restoration method adds colour streaks and volume to your hair. Here, an additional hair system gets integrated into your original hair with the help of adhesive glue. The adhesive used for gluing the hair wefts is skin-friendly and safe. To prevent hair damage, the tracks get removed after a fortnight.

Silicon bond is yet another method used in hair bonding. This is a permanent technique for fixing hair with a hair system. Here, the bald regions are first measured by the experts and then shaved. A hair system is then affixed with the help of silicon bond glue. This stays on for almost a month and you can go on doing your regular activities such as combing, swimming, driving, shampooing, etc. 

When it comes to styling, hair bonding as well as weaving give flexibility and change your look without damaging your original hair. Both these medically proven methods are affordable and you can achieve the desired results without burning a hole in your pocket. They do not restrict your hair from growing and these hair systems get integrated to all kinds of hair texture.

Non-surgical hair replacement methods are gaining a lot of attention and fame due to their array of benefits and low costs. Be it hair replacement in Delhi or hair replacement in Kolkata, bonding, and weaving are great ways of achieving longer and bouncier hair without having to go under the knife. 

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