Laser Hair Removal Tips for Patients

Laser Hair Removal Tips for Patients

Hair removal with a technology, like laser, is a popular cosmetic procedure to get rid of unwanted hair with a painless experience. Under the treatment process, the laser device emits light beams targeting the hair follicles. The laser hair removal procedure is done under expert supervision & considered to be the safest option. Advanced technology transforms the treatment process with more safety & precautions. It doesn’t remove the hair completely; however, growth will be significantly reduced after a few sessions. 

Find your trusted clinic for hair & skin solutions, which brings you the best laser hair removal and reduction. There are many clinics available which provide a safe & effective method; it helps you get rid of hair without worries! Book a laser treatment session with a renowned clinic and say goodbye to traditional hair removal techniques.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments: Tips for Patients! 

Laser hair removal treatments are safer to use. However, patients are required to follow a few tips to ensure safety. These steps are crucial to adhere to in order to reduce the substantial risk of any vulnerabilities. 

  • Skin Cleansing Before Treatment: The patient comes for hair removal treatment for different body parts. It is advisable to clean the whole part beforehand the procedure begins. As the presence of dirt & other particles might clog out the effect of the laser beam and reduce the considerable effect of treatment. 
  • Avoid Plucking & Waxing: Do not use waxing & plucking of hair before the laser treatment as both these methods remove hair through the deep roots. It affects the treatment by disrupting the laser beam targeting hair pigmentation. At least 6 weeks before the laser treatment, avoid waxing & other hair-removal methods. 
  • Say Yes to Shave: Before heading to the laser treatment, take the appropriate measure and shave the area without worrying, as it doesn’t uproot hair. There is a high chance of hair growth getting burned during the treatment process, so experts are advised to shave the area clearly to get a smooth surface for laser procedures. 
  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Getting too tanned before the treatment might cause a problem. Laser beams target the area between hair & skin, and due to tanning, the beam will aim at dark skin, which can lead to burns. Experts recommend staying away from bleach & sun exposure before the laser treatment to avoid such burnings.
  • Discuss with your Doctor if You are on Medication: Being on medications like anti-inflammatory drugs, acne-relieving medicines, antibiotics, blood thinners, and other topical products will create severe complications. Discuss beforehand with the doctor and inform them about every medication or skin-related issue. 
  • Stay Away from Caffeine & Alcohol: Patients are advised not to consume alcohol and coffee-like beverages before the treatments. Alcohol makes the skin dehydrated and lessens the effect of laser procedures. Also, coffee can make skin sensitive, causing more pain & discomfort. 

How Does Laser Hair Treatment Work?

The permanent hair removal procedure works by following a definite process where the laser device is used & hair follicles get heated up to stop new hair growth. The area around the hair follicles gets in a dormant state while the effect lasts for a much longer time than the process of shaving & waxing. Even though new hair growth might be possible, the texture will be finer, light, and less in quantity. Gradually after more sessions, nominal hair growth will be left. 

Laser treatments do not ensure permanent hair removal, but they significantly reduce the hair growth effect compared to other methods. Berkowits ensure the patient gets an effective result using our trusted laser hair treatments without inconvenience. 

The Laser treatment serves with a lot of benefits, including:-

  • One of the best long-term solutions for hair removal that directly targets the follicles. 
  • The treatment is worth the invested money and creates less maintenance requirement after the procedures. 
  • Laser hair removal does not cause any discomfort & painful experience for the patients. Also, it does not leave side effects unless the patient has any medical concerns. Consult with the experts before you start the treatment process. 
  • The treatment is a short process that gets completed within 15 to 20 minutes at least. Choose the trusted expert doctor & reliable clinic; they will wrap up the procedure within a few minutes, even for larger areas. 
  • It is considered a safe & precise treatment; patients can enjoy the procedure without any worries. 

Choose Berkowits for Laser Hair Reduction Treatment!

The best doctors team and reliable clinic play an essential role in the success of laser hair removal treatments. Berkowits Hair & skin clinic has 27 years of experience with treatments and different solutions for hair loss, nourishment for dry & damaged hair, anti-aging, skin brightening & laser hair removal treatments. 

A leading face of Berkowits - Dr. Anupriya Goel, shares the expertise treatments for skin & hair concerns. At Berkowits, patients share their transformation experience using our treatment and how positively it changes their life. If you are planning for the laser hair removal treatment, take a consultancy call with us to discuss the process. Our team will make you comfortable with the permanent hair removal treatment. Explore our website to buy authentic products for skin & hair problems. 

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