Is Hair Transplant a Safe Option?

Is Hair Transplant a Safe Option?

Shiny & smooth hair complements our overall look! In recent years, people have been dealing with multiple hair-based problems that lead to hair loss due to aging, stress & hormonal imbalances. Recently, young people are facing challenges of hair loss that impact their self-confidence. Conversely, advanced medicine has introduced remedial solutions like hair transplants to regrow the hair to the scalp. 

Hair transplant treatment comes under a secured cosmetic surgery to regain hair growth. There is less risk and more percentage of success as performed under trained specialists. Also, the success rate of hair transplants is very high. If you are suffering from any such case, visit Berkowits - the best hair transplant clinic for clinical support.

Cause of Pattern Baldness Which Require Hair Transplant Treatment

Diet: Nowadays, wrong food habit choices directly impact people & lead to hair problems. Too much oily food & unhealthy ingredients interfere with growth hormones causing hair damage. 

Stress & Anxiety: In a state of much stress, our body suffers from hormonal changes that weaken the hair follicles and start shedding more hair than usual. 

Illness: Hair baldness & illness can be a result of any specific disease like cancer. It is advisable to consult the doctor for proper treatment and remedial measures. 

Hormonal Imbalance: Fluctuation in the hormones can disrupt the hair growth generation process. Sometimes it can be cured with dietary changes and medication. However, in severe cases, patients undergo a hair transplant to get the hair.

Medications: Unfortunately, the wrong medication can also have side effects on the body. It certainly causes hair baldness due to harmful chemical release. 

Methods of Hair Transplant

Strip Method: Under this hair transplant treatment method, the specialist removes a strip of skin along with permanent hair at the back of the head and then stitches the gap. The stripped hair follicles are kept under magnification and then transplanted into the gaps of the bald area. It refers to the most technical surgeries and is only allowed under experienced experts.

Follicular Unit Extraction: It refers to the easy technique performed by people with less surgical experience. Under the procedure, a punch from the back hair is extracted around the permanent hair area.  

Hair Transplant Process 

The procedure involves the extraction of hair from the back of the head where the genes don't interfere, and there is no hair fall. The patient gets full-grown hair with the help of harvested hair implants in the bald area. The entire process is performed after giving a minimal dose of anesthesia to patients so they don't feel the pain. 

The whole process of hair transplant takes almost 4 to 8 hours. As per the quantity of hair to be regained, more than one session might be required. Also, the scalp gets numbed in the process to lessen the pain during surgery. 

There is no specific age defined for direct Hair Transplant. Still, doctors suggest the age bracket of post-40s. In older days, most people used to get bald in their late 30s, which gradually changed. With changing lifestyles, genetic issues & illness, people in their late 20s start getting half or complete baldness. It is hard to get confidence back, and some people start hiding their baldness by wearing caps or wigs. 

However, a hair transplant is a convenient option and a permanent solution. It has a positive effect and where people can go out confidently, as no such difference is visible for transplanted hair. Reach out to the hair transplant clinic - Berkowits!

Does a Hair Transplant Stays Permanent?

As per expert studies & practical cases, hair transplant treatment is permanent, which is why most people trust it. Still, the long-term effect of a hair transplant might vary depending upon certain conditions related to lifestyle and personal health.

The transplanted hair looks real and becomes thin after a particular time, just like normal hair.

Also, after six months of surgery, new hair starts shedding a considerable amount as a part of the process. However, there is no need to panic as it is a temporary stage; in the next 5 to 6 weeks, new hair will be back on the scalp. 

Berkowits: Get the Best Hair Transplant Treatment

If you know someone with hair baldness, suggest Berkowits for the trusted hair transplant treatment. We are a leading brand in the healthcare & cosmetics industry, delivering quality treatment for hair or skin-related concerns. At Berkowits, we work together on the mission to assist people with the major to minor concerns of hairlines. 

Reach out to us as we offer hassle-free, supportive hair transplant treatment with the help of advanced technology and techniques. Our team comprises expert doctors & specialists that help restore lost confidence and promote positive mental health with effective treatment. Our happy patients share the best feeling with us about how they run their hands on their hair. 

Don't let hair loss hold your positive attitude; visit Berkowits for direct hair transplant! 

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