How to Choose the Best Clip in Hair Extensions?

How to Choose the Best Clip in Hair Extensions?

Do you wish to have long hair to add length and volume? You are at the right place. There is the best hair solution for hair loss and extensions- Hair Clipping. It is a non surgical hair solution of attaching a hair system to your existing hair. The process involves the use of small clips that are attached to the hair system and secure it in place precisely.

Many people struggle to find the best clip-in hair extensions. Well, if this is the case for you, continue reading the following blog to get the solution. If you wish to have a natural hair-looking result, look for a reliable hair-care service provider. Research and find the best hair-care and skin-care solutions with which you can get satisfactory results. 

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Clip-in Hair Extensions

You may find distinct hair extensions in terms of hair types, length, texture, thickness, color tones, and style. Finding the best clip in hair extensions that naturally blend with your hair can be a daunting task. Here are some tips on how to select the perfect extensions that suit your hair and style. 

Hair Type

Extensions are of different types to cater to diverse preferences and styles of people. You can choose a clip-in made of human hair, synthetic hair, or feathers. On one hand, natural human hair gives a more natural or realistic look, while on the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are comparatively cheaper. Depending on your hair type, healthcare professionals may recommend the best extensions suitable for you. 

Color of Hair

To decide the perfect clip-in extensions for your hair, you may check the color of your hair precisely. You must note that the bottom part of your top layers of hair has a lighter color at the roots. You may compare the hair color with the clip extensions and buy one accordingly. 


People have normal, medium, and thick hair volumes. To know in which category your hair thickness lies, you can:-

  1. Make a ponytail and check
  2. Use a hairband to include as much hair as possible
  3. If you have to wrap the band 4 times, you may have thin hair
  4. If you have to wrap the band 2-3 times, you may have normal and thick hair

You need to have clip-in hair extensions for thin hair and less volume. 


There are distinct types of hair textures. Depending upon the texture, you may need to opt for hair extensions. These include:-

  1. Straight hair
  2. Wavy hair
  3. Curly hair
  4. Silky straight


You must be aware of the length of your hair you wish to have. The advantage of having clip-in extensions is that these can easily blend with shoulder-length and longer hair. You may get extensions if you wish to make your hair look longer. 

If you have short hair, you can layer it, put hair extensions after curling, and then blend. You can style your extensions using hair-setting tools and straighteners or curlers. If you wish to color your hair, you can easily do so without discomfort. 

Benefits of Having Clip-in Hair Extensions

People look for Hair clipping- the best hair solution for hair loss, for various reasons. Some of these include:-

  1. Instant Length & Volume: Whether you wish to add instant length or volume to your hair, clip-in can help you achieve your desired appearance.
  2. Versatility: You can shift from shorter to longer hair quickly. You are free to experiment with different styles and hair colors without commitment.  
  3. Easy Application: Clip-in extensions are user-friendly. You can easily apply them in your comfort without any professional assistance.
  4. No Damage: Unlike other extensions, clip-ins do not involve chemicals or heat. It helps you manage the risk of hair damage. 
  5. Low Maintenance: Clip-ins require minimal care as a non surgical hair solution. 
  6. Temporary Transformation: Whether you are attending a marriage or a formal event, you can apply clip-ins to elevate your look and style.
  7. Hair Color Experimentation: You can experiment with various hair colors without dying your natural hair. 
  8. Flexibility: You can choose hair color, type, and much more. With the best clip in hair extensions, you can try shorter or longer hair lengths seamlessly. 
  9. Cost-effective: You may try and achieve various hairstyles without choosing permanent extensions.
  10. Blending Options: You can choose the extensions that match your natural hair texture and color smoothly.

Transform Your Hair With Berkowits!

Elevate your style with suitable clip-in hair extensions. Whether you wish to color your hair or style it differently, you can easily do so with beautiful long hair extensions. If you need a quick and feasible solution to have long hair for any formal or informal occasion, you have the ultimate solution- clip-in hair extensions. 

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