Non surgical hair replacement

A Guide to Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair fall that concludes baldness or thin hairline is experienced by almost 60% of men and 50% of women below the age of 35. However, 30-50% of men experience this issue by age 50. Finding the solution for hair loss is necessary to look decent, and that hair has a medical significance for your head. If you are facing issues with your hairline, you should seek hair treatment. Non-surgical treatments for ladies and men suffering from these issues are one of the most practical solutions. 

With non-surgical treatments, you can restore the hairline and look elegant. Non-surgical hair treatment involves the use of toupée, a hair system. Modern hair system looks more convincing and realistic, making them a reliable option. Non-surgical treatments have pros and cons a person must know before going. It enables you to make a more rational decision about your hair loss. 

The following passages depict the various facets of non-surgical hair treatment. Going through the same will develop your understanding of non-surgical hair treatment. 

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement: A Superficial Acquaintance

As the name suggests, non-surgical hair treatment does not involve surgery. It involves the application of toupée on the scalp to cover the baldness or unavailability of hair. It is one of the most preferred methods to restore hair as these deliver a natural appearance. These do not involve using needles or incisions, causing permanent scalp alterations. With the help of tapes, adhesives, or clips, systemized clumps of hair are attached to the scalp. You can address your baldness with the best non-surgical hair treatment in India. However, you must choose wisely from different types of hair loss treatments. 

Types of Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments 

These are different types of hair loss treatments available for people:-

Hair Bonding: It is a technique that involves attachment of the toupée to existing hair or scalp. The BluGlu Gel provides the ability to create a strong bond with the hair system and scalp. With this minimally invasive method, a person receives a quick result from the procedure. It provides a person with a more natural-looking appearance. 

Hair Clipping: This minimally invasive method involves attaching a hair system to existing hair. In this process of non-surgical hair treatment, hair clips are used to attach the hair system. People looking for a temporary resolution for hair enhancement seek this option. It facilitates a person with a natural-looking result. 

Hair Weaving: It is the most primitive technique for non-surgical hair treatment. With the help of a hair extension, a natural blend is created with the existing hair. This method offers certain perks to the bearer. However, it has its limitations. Any mishandling during the procedure can cause a scalp condition called Traction Alopecia. 

Benefits and Key Considerations of Hair Loss Treatments

These are the benefits of non-surgical hair treatment that make them a rational choice:-

  • More Quick Results: The ability of non-surgical treatment to more quickly transform the hair scalp is one of its major advantages. A thoroughly designed hair system facilitates a person with a full head of hair. With the same, a person appears more profound, which boosts their confidence.  
  • Natural Appearance: Most hair treatments are susceptible to causing inconsistency in the hair. It is not the case with non-surgical hair treatment. The advancements have enabled it to provide a blend that matches the texture of natural hair. It is difficult to differentiate between the natural hair of a person and the attached hair system. 
  • More Specific Options: A person receives a high degree of customization with this hair treatment. It provides an individual with a solution that matches the hair color, style, and desired level of hair density. 
  • Minimally Invasive:  These do not require any surgical procedure, making them a safe but effective choice. It provides individuals with hair restoration with the convenience they aspire to. 

Following are some serious considerations regarding non-surgical hair treatments that an individual must take into account:-

  • Maintenance: These require a higher degree of maintenance, making them an inconvenient choice in the longer run. To keep them intact, a person needs to do certain things like cleaning, styling, and periodic reattachment. Depending on the hair growth rate, these require periodic replacements. 
  • Hair System: These are dependent on the hair systems. People who prefer this treatment feel self-conscious without the hairpiece. 
  • Limitations: People can not perform rigorous activities like swimming with the installed hair system. It requires additional input from them. 

Concluding Remarks 

Non-surgical hair treatment may provide a person with a natural-looking attached hair system that facilitates a more realistic blend. Among distinct non-surgical hair treatments, a person can choose the one that suits their aspirations. There are merits and limitations of non-surgical hair treatment that a person must consider before going for the treatment. Berkowits is one of the reputed platforms facilitating the best non-surgical hair treatment in India. 

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