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What Is Hair Transplant ?

Hair transplant treatment is a surgical procedure that involves moving hair follicles from one area of the scalp (the donor site) to another area where hair is thinning or balding (the recipient site). This treatment is a popular option for people who are experiencing hair loss due to genetics, ageing, or other factors.

During the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon will remove small groups of hair follicles from the donor site and transplant them into the recipient site using tiny incisions. The procedure typically takes several hours to complete, and patients may need to undergo multiple sessions to achieve their desired results.

Overall, hair transplant treatment can be an effective way to restore a fuller, more youthful head of hair for individuals who are experiencing hair loss. Contact us today to learn more.

Most Popular Treatment


  • Traditional Fue

    Traditional FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplant method that involves removing hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the recipient area. The procedure uses a small, circular punch tool to extract individual hair follicles, which are then placed into tiny incisions in the scalp.

  • Maxgrow FUE

    It may come as a surprise that research could influence fashion and style. At our clinic, our team of expert researchers has improved the traditional FUE method to achieve optimal results without lengthy waiting times. We have adapted the traditional process and developed our own FUE procedure, tailored to suit your individual needs.

  • DHT Technique

    Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) is a technique similar to FUE, where hair follicles are extracted using the same process. However, for implantation, a special hollow pen is used instead. The advantage of DHT is that it eliminates the need to shave the head, resulting in a shorter surgical duration. It is a popular option for females seeking hair transplants.

  • Robotic Transplant

    THE BOON OF HAIR INDUSTRY Robotic Hair Transplant is a breakthrough technology that utilizes robotic arms to replace traditional surgical methods, resulting in unmatched precision and superior results. You benefit greatly from the advantages of this technology. Developed in France, this one-of-a-kind solution is now available in your neighborhood.

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Let's Hear From Our Expert

  • Dr. Anupriya Goel
    Medical Director

    Being the medical director of Berkowits Hair and Skin clinic, a team of more than 170 technicians and paramedical staff work under her guidance.She has taken hands on training in hair transplant procedure from Turkey after which she has done more than 500 surgeries.
    Anupriya Goel is a hairline creation expert and performs her surgeries with finesse with her highly experienced team.

  • Dr. Lamha Siddiqui
    Consultant Doctor
    A clinical cosmetologist and trichologist with more than 3 years of rich experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. She has good clinical experience in advanced injectable procedures in hair and skin. She has a fellowship in medical cosmetology from ILAMED, New Delhi.
    Also known for being a bookworm; being a tea connoisseur.

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves moving hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another area that is thinning or balding.

Who is a good candidate for a hair transplant?

Good candidates for hair transplant surgery are those who have experienced hair loss or thinning due to male or female pattern baldness or other factors, have enough donor hair available for transplantation, and are in good overall health.

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

The length of the procedure depends on the number of hair follicles being transplanted, but most hair transplant procedures take several hours to complete.

What is the recovery time after a hair transplant?

Patients may experience some swelling, redness, and scabbing in the treated area after the procedure. Most patients are able to return to work and other normal activities within a week or two after the procedure.

How long do the results of a hair transplant last?

The results of a hair transplant are generally permanent, as the transplanted hair follicles are taken from areas of the scalp that are genetically resistant to hair loss.

Is a hair transplant a painful procedure?

Hair transplant surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia, which means that the area being treated will be numb. Patients may experience some discomfort or mild pain during and after the procedure, but this can usually be managed with pain medication.