Hair Extension

What Is It?

At Present, It isn’t just an extension of your head, but has become the extension of your personality. It is the hottest addition to the world of hair care and hair style. With High Quality of Berkowits’ Hair Extensions in Delhi, You can get Instant Longer, Thicker & Fuller Hair.

At Hair extensions, also known as hair integrators, are wigs or strands of synthetic or actual human hair which can be added to your existing hair.

You can use various kinds of extensions for hair like permanent hair extensions, Indian hair extensions, and real hair extensions. Hair extensions cost also varies depending on the different pieces.


With Berkowits’ hair extensions in Delhi, you can get immediate fuller, thicker and longer hair.

Even though the main use of hair extensions is to add volume and length to your hair, it is also a good fashion statement and can be used to create different hairstyles. Women have begun to use human hair extensions of various colours instead of colouring their hair, to avoid chemicals.

At Bekowits, we believe that one should be able to use or remove their hair extensions whenever they want, making it DIY (Do it yourself). Hence we recommend using clip in hair extensions online.

The Science Behind It

Although its primary use continues to be to add volume and length to one’s existing hair, it is also being used by many to ‘wear’ various styles. Women have started using human Hair Extensions in different colors to substitute hair coloring as it protects their hair from harmful chemicals.

At Berkowits, we believe all Hair Extensions should be DIY (Do It Yourself). You should have the option of putting it on and removing it at your own will. Therefore, we emphasize clip-On Hair Extensions online over any other method.

Multiple Piece Hair Extensions

It consists of 4 to 7 pieces of Hair Extensions that are meant to add overall volume. If you are looking for frontal volume, this might be your answer. Below is a picture of a model wearing a 4 Piece Hair Extension.

Hair Volumizers / Volume Hair Extension

Hair Volumizers are a single piece of many hair extensions that are meant to add volume and length from the back. If you are looking for additional length, this is just what you need. Pictures of a model wearing a Volumizer either sides.

Berkowits Robotic Hair Transplant

Highlighters are single pieces of Hair Extensions that are available in various colors such as Amber Red, Lightening Blue, Copper Blonde, Silver white, copper blonde etc, It is a great option at best price that matches the style of Hair Coloring while avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals.

The Berkowits Advantage!

No Touch Implantation

Berkowits follows a unique method of FUE implantation that ensures the hair root is untouched and thus, undamaged.

HD HairLine

HD HairLinIt is crucial to ensure that a transplanted hairline mimics naturally occurring hairline. Our unique hairline pattern ensures the most natural hairline.

Transection Rate

Transection rate is the rate of graft destroyed during extraction. Our teams experience and skill ensures minimum wastage.

Our Recommendations

For men suffering from mild hair thinning to severe hair loss, we recommend the following products and services available at Berkowits.

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Sold out

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1. What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a walk in walk out kind of minor surgical procedure in which grafts are implanted from the donor area (back of the head ) to the recipient area(bald area) to restore density and thickness of hair .

2. What technique do we use in transplant?

We Provide Robotic Direct Hair Implantation, Maxgro FUE and Maxgro plus. The procedure we choose will depend upon factors such as your donor area, results expectation etc. A consultant will be able to guide you better.

3. What is the cost of hair transplant?

Hair transplant cost depend on how much grafts are required according to your scalp and donor area . A correct estimate can be given through looking at scalp pictures and a thorough consultation. We offer the most competitive prices on all hair transplant procedures and to top it all you have the option of paying by EMI at 0% interest.

4. How many surgeries have you performed till date?

We have performed over 7500 successful hair transplant procedures with a 98% success rate. Our team is highly experienced and has been with us since the inception of hair transplant at Berkowits

5. Which procedure is better? Maxgro FUE or Robotic DHI?

Robotic DHI is a better procedure as it involves suction assisted graft harvesting and extraction. The transection rate is less than 1%

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