Get Reliable Treatment for Hair Transplant in Noida With Berkowits

People dealing with heavy hair loss & baldness suffer from self-esteem issues. Technology advancement in the dermatology department brings safe treatments for patients to eliminate hair loss. One of the best solutions experts suggest is a hair transplant, where doctors extract follicles from the grown part & implant them into the affected area. The procedure is highly technical and performed by only medical experts. 

Berkowits - India's best hair & skin clinic- has advanced treatment solutions. We bring trusted services for hair transplant in Noida under the supervision of dermatologists & other experts. Our team will ensure the advanced surgical procedure is done with utmost care & clinical support.

Berkowits: Maxgrow FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction)

Berkowits expert team for hair solutions comes with the optimal solution of Maxgrow FUE. At our clinic, our team adopted the advanced technology-based FUE procedures to cater the best services as per individual preferences. It is formulated as the advanced form of traditional FUE to derive faster results for bald patients.

Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques at Berkowits

Berkowits completed the benchmark for 27 years to come out as a trustable hair & skin clinic. We support our patients to regain their lost confidence due to hair-shedding & loss with the help of hair fall treatment in Noida & hair transplant services.Our team brings effective hair transplant techniques for male as well as female baldness issues:

Robotic hair transplantation in Kolkata

With the help of breakthrough technology, surgeons operate with robotic arms to develop more advanced alternatives for traditional hair transplants. It brings out the best results through France-based technology for robotic hair transplant services at Berkowits. Consult with our expert team to avail yourself of the treatment.

Female hair transplant in Noida - DHT Technique

DHT technique stands for Direct Hair Transplant, the ideal treatment to eliminate female baldness. Under the procedure, hair follicle extraction follows the same method as FUE, while implantation is done through the hollow pen. The tool makes the grafting process simpler for surgeons & eliminates the requirement of hair shaving.

Traditional FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction)

It is known to be the old hair transplant method where hair follicles are extracted from the donor area with the help of a punch tool & implanted on the affected scalp area, creating tiny incisions. At Berkowits, our doctor’s team will assist you throughout the FUE procedure for guidance & support.


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Is Hair Transplant Effective?c

Most experts & successful hair transplants at our Berkowits clinic show that the procedure is highly effective. It is a trustable, minimally invasive procedure for men & women to prevent hair loss & shedding. Technology advancements like robotic hair transplant in Noida provide effective results & no side effects, eliminating human errors.

Under the specialized hair transplant services, graft survival rates range between 90 to 95%. Experts have the best estimation to extract the considerable hair from which part of the scalp brings healthy conditions. At Berkowits, our team comprises professionals & well-experienced surgeons to deliver safe procedures with guaranteed results. 

The effectiveness of a hair transplant procedure depends on certain factors that must be considered. Some of the important factors are the type of hair transplant, hair textures & quality, clinic & doctor you choose for the treatment, post-treatment care & supporting treatments for hair transplant. Most of the transplant results we see in 6-8 months but keep on improving up to a year or more. 

In most cases, hair transplants do not show immediate results, and it takes time to show growth. In the typical case, 10% of hair transplants return after three months. So, it depends on certain factors and might take more than 18 months to show the final results. 

Trusted Hair Transplant Clinic in Noida - Berkowits! 

The decision to opt for a hair transplant will be mentally challenging for anyone who suffers from baldness. At Berkowits, our team understands the fear & anxiety that come into the patient's mind before the procedure. Have a healthy discussion with our doctors & surgeons. They will share the overall idea for the hair transplant procedure to make you comfortable. Undoubtedly, Berkowits has become the best hair transplant clinic in Noida, with 7,500+ successful hair transplants.

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How do you contact Berkowits for hair transplant services?

Berkowits is the best transplant clinic, with multiple centers across India. You can visit the Noida, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Banglore, and Raipur clinics. Also, call us at +91 9999 6666 99 or visit the website to register for the treatment.

Is Hair transplant successful in India?

Yes, a hair transplant has a good success rate in India. According to the studies, 98% of people experience effective results after undergoing hair transplant surgery.

What are the popular hair transplant techniques in India?

Two techniques in India are popular for hair transplant: follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques and follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

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