Get the Best hair transplant in Faridabad at Berkowits Clinic

You are sick of your hair loss. This is disrupting your beauty and making you feel under-confident.  Hair loss can be caused by many issues that are noticeable in this fast-growing world. It can be hereditary or maybe any other severe health issue. The most prompt reason is that people are stressed out by their busy schedule, which is heading them towards bad mental and physical health. You have tried all the shampoos, hair care products, oils, and masks, and nothing has worked for you. It’s a time when you should take a step toward your hair loss. You should switch to hair transplantation and gain confidence back in your life.

At Berkowits Clinic, with our 27 years of experience, we are providing the best hair transplant in Faridabad.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process by which hair Grafts are extracted from the back of the head or lower beard and implanted in the bald and hair thinning areas. This process is done by various methods that would be safe, efficient, and effective for people who are suffering from severe baldness issues.

Trusted Hair Fall Treatment in Faridabad

Berkowitshair transplant clinic in Faridabadprovides the best and most trusted hair fall treatment, which includes traditional FUE treatment, robotic hair transplant, Maxgrow FUE, Maxgrow plus and the DHT technique. These hair transplant techniques are safe and effective and leave a long-lasting effect. If you are looking for a hair fall treatment, with no second thought, you can choose one out of these according to your affordability and preferences.

Traditional FUE

This is the traditional method of hair transplantation, in which hair follicles are picked up from the donor and transplanted to the recipient's bald area. The small circular punch tool is used during the procedure, which results in the best and most effective results. 

Maxgrow FUE

This is the exclusive hair transplantation procedure, a gift from our experts. In this technique, our experts have picked up the traditional FUE method and molded it in a new way. Wherein extraction and implantation are done simultaneously and the graft gets very less exposure to the outer environment hence the survival rate is high and the results are great. . 

DHT Technique

This technology of hair transplant is just like FUE; in this case, a hollow pen is used instead of hands to place the hair from the growing area to the bald one. The advantage of this method is that it eliminates the need to shave the whole head during hair transplantation. It is a short surgical process that can be done in a really short span of time. 

Robotic Hair Transplant

In this technology, robotic arms are replacing the traditional surgeries of hair transplantation. This technique was originally developed in France and is now being introduced in India. It is known to provide accurate results, including distribution density, angle, orientation, and direction of the hair follicles. At Berkwoits, we are providing robotic hair transplant in Faridabad exclusively at affordable prices.


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Why choose Berkowits?

Our highly trained doctors and surgeons are committed to providing the best and highest quality of treatment for our clients to make them happy and satisfied to the fullest. Visit Berkowits clinic for the hair transplant treatments in Faridabadif you want to feel more confident again, show off a fuller head of hair, and embrace a newfound feeling of self-worth. Choose Berkowits now and don't allow hair loss to stand in the way of your confidence restoration.


Does Berkowits provide robotic hair transplantation?

Yes, Berkowits provides inclusive hair transplantation at their clinic, with all the luxurious facilities and active staff members who are dedicated to the fullest.

Do Berkowits have female hair transplants in Faridabad?

Yes, they have female hair transplantation facilities available at the Faridabad clinic. If you are looking for it, you can contact them through their website at the given number to make an appointment.

How long does a hair transplant take to show results?

It is generally known that hair takes 3-4 months to grow. However, it also depends on the genetic and hair growth hormone differences from person to person. You will notice the changes within 5-6 months of the hair transplant.