Consult Berkowits & Get the Best Services for Hair Transplant in Bangalore

The hair loss & baldness concerns are capturing a lot of people in India. Berkowits is a renowned name for a skin & hair clinic that provides a treatment plan for hair transplant in Bangalore. Most patients are afraid of severe side effects & mistreatment during the hair transplant; Berkowits ensures that every patient gets secure services. 

From specialized treatments to delivering technology-based services, our clinic handles every parameter for you! 

It is hard to find a reliable hair transplant clinic in Bangalore; Berkowits has over 27 years of experience with trusted hair & skin treatment, making us industry experts.

Best Hair Transplant Services at Berkowits

Berkowits has become the best choice for hair transplant in Bangalore. We support our customers by planning the whole hair transplant process with safety measures. Our team examined the scalp conditions to locate the best area for extractions. Berkowits has years of experience & best records for successful hair transplant services in India. 

Technology-Based Treatments: Berkowits Special Maxgrow FUE

Berkowits adopts the top advanced treatment available for easy recovery. Visit our clinic to avail the services for specialized Maxgrow  FUE. Our clinic’s expert team indulges in a year of research based on advanced technology to come up with a progressive form of traditional FUE. Our Maxgrow FUE procedure helps the patient to get the desired result within short durations.

Berkowits introduced an advanced form of traditional FUE with technology-based treatment plans. We specialize in other treatments:

Traditional FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction: The process involves creating tiny incisions on the scalp & extracting hair follicles from the grown area to implants on the affected area. 

Direct Hair Transplant: One of the popular choices for female hair transplant in Bangalore. The DHT procedure has the best advantage because it uses a hollow pen for implantation, eliminating the requirement of shaving the head. Women find it more comfortable & consult Berkowits for safe treatment procedures. 

Robotic Hair Transplant: France-based best robotic hair transplant services, Berkowits, makes it available exclusively in India. The procedure is performed under the supervision of experts & uses robotic hands for operating hair transplants. Get secure surgery using breakthrough technology - robotic hair transplant in Bangalore.


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Why Consider Hair Transplant?

Most Indians believe that hair matters or prestige & pride for the perfect looks. However, unhealthy lifestyles, dirt & excess pollution negatively affect hair growth cycles. Ignoring hair loss patches on the head may lead to uncontrollable hair problems. At last, the patient leaves with a hair transplant. However, the treatment is not as scary as it sounds! Berkowits doctors & experts will make you comfortable explaining all the measures related to the hair transplant treatment plans at the clinic. 

In the blog, let’s look at the reasons why you require a hair transplant:

Male & Female Pattern Baldness: One of the common reasons for hair transplant, the condition is termed the progressive alopecia form. It affects the area of the vertex and frontal scalp. Hair transplant is the best solution to bring back the naturally grown hair texture on the scalp. 

Natural Hair loss and shedding: Normally, we shed over 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. Hair loss & shedding beyond this range might indicate any medical conditions. Some doctors suggest hair transplants as a remedial treatment for controlling undue hair loss. At Berkowits, our team provides hair transplants and hair fall treatment in Bangalore. 

Scalp Injuries Due to Accidents: Unforeseen accidents & mishappening may leave the scalp losing a lot of hair strands. In such cases, doctors suggest a hair transplant procedure to regrow hair in the affected area that looks like naturally grown hair. 

Big Patches on Scalps: A hair transplant will effectively get an even structure on the head by covering big patches of missing hair. It’s a safe treatment that helps patients regain their hair back & also boost their confidence level. 

Plan Your Hair Transplant With Berkowits!

Berkowits is one of the trusted hair transplant clinic in Bangalore. Our clinic helps more than 10 lakh satisfied customers with guaranteed results, 4500 grafts under one session, and well-equipped infrastructure to deliver effective treatment for lifetime results. Talk with us & Berkowits will plan the best hair transplant treatment for you! 

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How are Hair transplants effective?

Compared to other procedures, hair transplant has good records of patients getting their hair grown back and looking natural. At Berkowits, we have the best successful rate for hair transplants.

What are the popular hair transplant techniques in India?

Some popular hair transplant techniques are Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, Direct hair transplant or DHT, and robotic hair transplant.

How long does it take for a hair transplant procedure?

Normally, a hair transplant might take at least four to eight hours to complete.